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Our Millennium Window Film installation professionals apply high quality Solar Gard® window tinting films that come with a written manufacturer's warranty that is honored nationwide. Whether you have a Porsche or a less fancy car that is still your pride and joy, the quality auto tinting from Solar Gard provides comfort, style, and solar protection, keeping the interior of your car cooler and looking great. Contact us for auto tinting window film installation in San Antonio, TX.
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As an authorized dealer of Solar Gard and SunTek window films, we provide our customers with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology. 
Installation Options

For the convenience of our customers, we offer the option for us to come to you. Contact us to schedule an installation and to obtain a quote for our services. Often, we have the ability to tint your windows in the privacy of your own garage. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to our shop, we can come to you and provide an expert installation right on site. Certain restrictions and fees apply; contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Improved Comfort and Balanced Vehicular Climate
Solar Gard window tinting films are specially designed to reject more than 60 percent of total solar energy, making the interior of your vehicle cooler and more comfortable. Window tinting films help to reduce hot spots as well as allowing your vehicle to cool down faster, causing less work for your air conditioning system, resulting in lowered fuel and maintenance costs.

Reduced Glare
Window tinting films greatly reduce glares from the sun during the daytime as well as from bright headlights at nighttime. 

Improved Impaction Safety
Solar Gard window tinting films have been proven to help hold kernels of broken glass together upon impact, resulting in less flying glass in the event of a collision. Though Solar Gard window films are not classified as a safety product, they have the ability to greatly reduce injuries caused by broken glass in a collision. 

Deters Thieves
Because Solar Gard window films help to keep glass pieces together upon breakage, thieves may be deterred from attempting to break into your vehicle.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance
Window tinting films both allow for more inner-vehicle privacy and can complement the color and style of your vehicle’s exterior. They also protect the furnishing and upholstery inside of your vehicle from premature fading caused by UV exposure.

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