What are UV rays?
UV (ultraviolet) rays are an invisible form of radiation that causes sunburn, damage to your eyes, and can hurt your vision. Our window films help to block UV rays, reducing harmful exposure to your skin and eyes.

What kind of UV protection can I expect from window films from Millennium Window Film?
We offer high-quality window films that provide the maximum UV protection available. Did you know that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tints as a part of your comprehensive skin care program. We also offer paint protection film to care for your vehicle the same way you protect your own skin and eyes.

Is there any type of guarantee that comes with products from Millennium Window Film?
Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking, peeling, and bubbling. We use only top-quality Solar Gard® window films.

What’s so special about Solar Gard window films?
Solar Gard® has been producing quality window films for more than three decades. They manufacture the most popular solar control window films in the world, and we are proud to use only their products.

What qualifications do Millennium Window Film installers have?
All of our installers are factory trained and certified.

What precautions are taken to keep installers form scratching my paint?
We cover all delicate areas to protect them from damage, treating your vehicle with the highest level of care.

What happens if I have an issue with my window film at a later date?
Our Millennium Window Film team will assist you if you ever experience any issues with your window films.

Contact us if you have any questions about our window tinting and paint protection film products and services. 
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