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Solar Gard® & SunTek

At Millennium Window Films, San Antonio, we use only authentic Solar Gard® and SunTek residential window tinting job we do. These two respected, long-standing brands engineer and manufacture the most durable, highly-functional window tinting films in the industry. Your home is your castle and deserves the ultimate respect. That's why Millennium Window Films only uses the finest products.

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Solar Gard is subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, a building materials company that's been in business more than 350 years. Meanwhile, SunTek has been designing, manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge window tinting films for over 60 years. Most importantly, both brands stand by their products with industry-leading warranties.

Residential Films Protect Your Home From Heat & Harm

It's no secret that Texas summers can be brutal. The constant heat and sunshine seems endless - even after it's technically "Fall". Sure, constantly running A/C feels great, but it's costly. Residential window films are a great solution to make your home more energy efficient as well as keeping it cool.

Not only do residential films keep your home cool, they also keep your home safe. Window films can block out harmful UV rays that can damage you and your belongings. The window films act as barrier that let in natural light without all the harmful rays that natural light brings. The tinting of the windows also increase the privacy and security of your home. The darker tint makes it harder for people to peep in to your home making it less enticing to invaders.

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If you're a San Antonio homeowner, contact Millennium Window Films for quality residential films. We look forward to making your home more energy efficient, private, and safe.

If you'd like to learn more about Millennium's line of topnotch San Antonio window film products and window tinting services for homes, or to schedule a window-tinting appointment, call Millennium at 210-566-0600. You can also complete the form on our contact page.

What Makes Millennium San Antonio's Best Choice
for Residential Films

From glare reduction to UV protection and every benefit in between, we can think of many reasons why you should call Millennium Window Films of San Antonio when you're ready to upgrade your home or business with high-quality Solar Gard and SunTek window tints. Here are five of the best reasons:

We Do Window Film Installations for All Residential

Whether you need window tinting for your home Millennium Window Films has you covered. No matter the size or type of residence, we'd be thrilled to speak with you about a professional installation of our high-quality, durable window films.


Residential Window Tinting Eliminates Hot Spots

Have you ever noticed certain spots in your home seeming hotter than others? These artificial "hot spots" can make your home feel unevenly cooled, causing inconsistent comfort. Worse, window hotspots can also throw your air conditioner into overdrive, making it to run too often, costing you in service and repair bills. Window tinting from Millennium can greatly reduce hotspots, providing outstanding solar control, consistent temperatures, lowered energy bills, and reduced wear and tear on your HVAC system.


UV Window Protection for Your Home

Commercial and residential window tinting from Millennium also provides protection for your home or office from solar UV light. Why is UV window protection important? Because the damaging effects of UV light aren't limited to human health. The sun's penetrating light can also break down the interior furnishings, carpets, paint, fabric, and other things inside your home. Window tinting from Millennium will help keep your family protected from the hazards of UV light.


Residential Window Tinting Reduces Glare

The San Antonio sun is hot and bright—especially in summertime. If you're like us, you probably love relaxing at home watching a movie or surfing the internet on the days when it's too hot to go outside. While natural light is wonderful in a home, the glare can be disruptive on home entertainment and computer screens. Instead of curtains or blinds that block the light altogether, residential window films will block the light


Residential Window Tinting Enhances Appearance

Window tinting films can create greater privacy inside your home without detracting from its natural beauty. In fact, our residential films can be a beautiful addition to your lovely home by giving your windows a more modern flair.